How to Leverage a Customer Feedback Program to Boost Conversion Rate

There are plenty of tactics a company can use to leverage customer feedback and boost its conversion rate. Companies such as Panama Towing Service go above and beyond to collect useful data on customer feedback and use the same to make important conclusions to better their business. If you do not have a customer feedback program for your company, you need to have one in place.

Here are important things to keep in mind

Focus on Timing and Relevance

When creating a feedback program, two critical factors must be considered, and these include timing and relevance. These variables will contribute directly to your conversion rate optimization and they help you in obtaining useful insights from your feedback. Focus on those moments that created memories when a customer interacted with your brand.

Create Active Feedback Surveys

When it comes to feedback surveys, there are active and passive ones. Passive feedback surveys are user-initiated and this means the visitor has to engage an element on your web page to trigger the survey appearance. On the other hand, active feedback surveys are triggered by criteria that are set by your business. This means you can launch a survey based on visitor behavior rather than waiting for them to seek out a form on your website.

You need to choose a suitable customer experience metric. This is because there are plenty of customer experience metrics to measure. Commonly used ones are Goal Completion Rate, Customer Effort Score, among others. There is also the net promoter score which is a very popular metric for tracking customer loyalty. Once you have chosen a metric, you must include relevant follow-up questions. With question logic, it presents a great way to focus on why your visitors have submitted a low or high satisfaction score.

Decide on Feedback triggers

You can decide on which feedback triggers you want to use even before implementing an active feedback survey. On this issue, you will be faced with a lot of options. There is a location trigger that happens upon visiting a certain URL. Others include click path, tracking cookie number, mouse movement, exit intent, form submission, scrolling on a page, and percentage of visitors.

Gather Customer Feedback in Real-Time

You also need to gather customer feedback in real-time. Feedback solutions will help you in offering real-time capabilities that are ideal for your conversion rate optimization. They will help in shortening the response time between a company and its customers, and also allow a company to convert visitors to its website. Real-time alerts would also be very important. With the right feedback tools, you can set up notifications that alert your team on events that are based on criteria of your choice.

It is important to collect customer feedback continuously, especially if you are looking to improve customer experience. When you collect feedback irregularly, you will have a very ineffective strategy for your business. For all the results you receive, thoroughly review feedback results, and make important conclusions from them.

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