How to Be Happy Every day

good lifeSimple changes to your day to day habits can put you on the fast track to rediscovering your happiness. It has been said on different occasions that happiness is a journey and not a destination. Though happiness is an emotion, there are a lot of things we can do to contribute to this emotion. Every one of us defines happiness differently. To achieve a moment of happiness, you can pick an interesting task, play a game or visit a place.

But to achieve a prolonged period of happiness, there are key issues and habits you can pick to have a happy life.

Get at least seven hours of sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important and critical to achieving a happy and productive day. If you do not get the required amount of sleep, it can lead to decreased alertness and logic as well as health issues. You can try taking a warm shower moments before hitting the sheets and get your phone off the sight.

Waking up Early

sleepIt is very important to retire to bed early as well as waking up 15 to 20 minutes early. When you wake up early, you give your mind a positive start to your day. You should also try to meditate for five to ten minutes upon waking up. Meditating has a lot of benefits such as heightened inner clarity and focus. When you start your day with meditation, you set a positive attention that allows you to get detached from habitual thought barriers.

Learn something new

Taking a new challenge may sound to be counterintuitive to creating happiness. However, the truth is that learning something new plays a big role in boost your wellbeing. If you focus on making progress, you put yourself in a state of flow which contributes a lot to fostering happiness. Learning also builds your self-confidence and helps to keep you sharp. There are lots of free online resources you can use to expand your brain.

Disengage from social media

It is very easy to tune to social media and get distracted. Research has shown that too much use of social media can lead to mental issues. Use those 30 minutes of social media to read something creative and educative. Another worry associated with social media is that these days, a lot of people are trying to live a fake like. There is too much social pressure from people living a fake life. You might be influenced to want to live a life that is beyond what you can manage.

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