The Positive Psychological Effects of Music  

musicResearch has shown that music therapy has tons of benefits to ourselves. Listening to music can be entertaining, but can equally offer a lot of benefits. Music acts as a source of both pleasure and contentment. Additionally, it has other different psychological benefits. Music can influence your thoughts, behavior, and actions. The psychological effects of music can be deep and more pronounced than you may think.

Here are among the many uses of music in psychological therapy.

Music Therapy

We use music therapy as an intervention in promoting emotional help and helping patients cope with stress and boost their psychological well-being. Research suggests that your taste of music provides insights into the different aspects of your personality. Psychologists may suggest music therapy to those people suffering from anxiety and having a hard time to relax their mind. Music therapy can also be used to manage pain.

Improving cognitive performance

Research suggests that background music – that is music that you play as you listen as you focus on other activities can greatly improve performance on cognitive tasks. Playing more upbeat music can lead to improvements in processing speed with downbeat music leads to a lot of benefits in memory.

Improving Memory

memoryA lot of students enjoy listening to music while carrying out their studies. Some argue that listening to their favorite music improves their retention on what they study.  Others point out that music serves as a pleasant distraction. Research shows that listening to music helps, but it may depend on a variety of tasks. These factors include the type of music, how the listener enjoys the music and the neutrality of the music as well.


Managing Pain

Music can help to manage pain. A study showed that patients suffering from fibromyalgia and those who listened to music for about an hour everyday experiences and a greater reduction in pain as compared to those who didn’t listen to music in that control group. There is a relationship between the effects of music on patients who listened to music before, during and after a surgery. Other studies have shown that patients who listened to music required less medication to manage their pain.

Music may also help you sleep better. Insomnia is a serious problem and affects people of different age groups. There are many approaches to treating insomnia and one of the most commonly used ways is music. Listening to relaxing classical music can be the effective, safe and affordable remedy.

How to Be Happy Every day

good lifeSimple changes to your day to day habits can put you on the fast track to rediscovering your happiness. It has been said on different occasions that happiness is a journey and not a destination. Though happiness is an emotion, there are a lot of things we can do to contribute to this emotion. Every one of us defines happiness differently. To achieve a moment of happiness, you can pick an interesting task, play a game or visit a place.

But to achieve a prolonged period of happiness, there are key issues and habits you can pick to have a happy life.

Get at least seven hours of sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important and critical to achieving a happy and productive day. If you do not get the required amount of sleep, it can lead to decreased alertness and logic as well as health issues. You can try taking a warm shower moments before hitting the sheets and get your phone off the sight.

Waking up Early

sleepIt is very important to retire to bed early as well as waking up 15 to 20 minutes early. When you wake up early, you give your mind a positive start to your day. You should also try to meditate for five to ten minutes upon waking up. Meditating has a lot of benefits such as heightened inner clarity and focus. When you start your day with meditation, you set a positive attention that allows you to get detached from habitual thought barriers.

Learn something new

Taking a new challenge may sound to be counterintuitive to creating happiness. However, the truth is that learning something new plays a big role in boost your wellbeing. If you focus on making progress, you put yourself in a state of flow which contributes a lot to fostering happiness. Learning also builds your self-confidence and helps to keep you sharp. There are lots of free online resources you can use to expand your brain.

Disengage from social media

It is very easy to tune to social media and get distracted. Research has shown that too much use of social media can lead to mental issues. Use those 30 minutes of social media to read something creative and educative. Another worry associated with social media is that these days, a lot of people are trying to live a fake like. There is too much social pressure from people living a fake life. You might be influenced to want to live a life that is beyond what you can manage.

How to Have a Good Life Always

good lifeLiving the good life can mean different things to different people. However, in most human beings living in this modern world, there is a general understanding of what happiness and good life mean. What constitutes to a good life is simply a series of simple acts of kindness and satisfaction. A good life involves wanting to get out of bed every morning excited to take on whatever challenges life brings on for that day.

The main principles of good life are based on compassionate deeds you perform, the personal goals you strive to achieve and the legacy you live behind the world as a result of your work. If you are looking forward to loving a good life, here are simple ways to go about it.


Slow Down

Too much urgency and haste may have a diminishing effect on accuracy, awareness and the meaning of happiness. There is a very big difference between getting things done, and getting things done in an effective manner.


Appreciate simple life pleasures

The best things in life are truly free. It can be resting in a quiet ocean sunset, or just sleeping on a rainy day. The simplest and greatest pleasures of life can only be purchased if your mind is at peace with yourself.


Foster and Nurture Relationships

A happy and truly fulfilling life is one that is shared with people to love and enjoy being around the most. You need to cherish those relationships to treating your friends as you would like to be treated. Be self-sufficient and don’t cause unnecessary anxiety and frustrations. Embrace your freedom and always aspire to be yourself.

Learn about different things

LEArnJust as many great men have said in the past, let me reiterate it; the day you stop learning is the day you die. Every day is a day for you to learn something new, about life and become a wiser person. You need to keep inquiring and exploring. A jack of all trades is better equipped than a master of one game.


Work on your passions

You need to concentrate on your passion. Your passion is what you love to do every day and nothing should stop you from reaching a level of worthiness. Use your passion in the most productive way possible to discover the reasons that contribute to your most endeavors and goals.


Travel to distant places

Humanity has been blessed with a lot of beautiful places to visit and live. You need to experience all the natural and cultural wonders the world has to offer. There are those places of the world that will open you up to a world of unending love and possibilities. Meet new people and talk to them. Understand different people and appreciate cultures.

Be clear on your goals

The sky’s the limit, but to get there, you need a plan, you need to set your goals. You will never get where you want if you don’t set goals. Making decisions quick. Each time you wait on making decisions, you are wasting valuable time. Stop being indecisive and start keenly listening to your gut. Manage your time in the best time possible. Always be ready to be spontaneous and accept every opportunity that comes your way.